Many people have made important contributions to the project. At the great risk of missing key people, a list is attempted below.

As of February 2014, the core project management team is Brad Biddle, Kevin Bross, Leonard Cano, Courtney Martin and Joel Morrissette. The core technology development team includes Kevin and Joel, along with Cailan Collet, Chris Crase, Mustafa Haswarey, Jeff Murry and Bianca Viggiano. John MacArthur also plays an active role with the project. John and Bianca are affiliated with Portland State University; the rest of the team is affiliated with Intel Corporation but engaged on this project on a volunteer, personal time basis.

Individuals from the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (Rob Sadowsky and Stephanie Noll), the Community Cycling Center (Jonnie Ling and James Keating), Nike (Caitlin Williams), the Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium (Hau Hagedorn and John MacArthur), and the Westside Transportation Alliance (Heather McCarey, Jenny Cadigan) helped create the project and have provided critical support.

The OBI 1.0 technology was developed primarily by John Benner. The OBI 1.0 pilot was managed by Robinson Eaton and Meera Gajjar. Mike Armstrong, Garrett Beecher, Giedre Novikaite and Mordechai Sadowsky made key contributions.

Significant assistance with the OBI 2.0 technology (mechanical design, electronics and software) has been provided by: Carter Anderson, Aslam Haswarey, Brian Jensen, Greg Perry and Bill MacCracken. Matt Groener provided important software inputs, plus was part of the initial project launch team.

Intel provided support and resources that made the project possible. Special thanks to Ann Armstrong, Todd Brady, Michael Jacobson and Anne Marie McSwiggan.

Thanks also to our friends at Advanced Sports (Breezer), Bikes Make Life Better, Custom Contract Manufacturing, Eagle Precision Sheet Metal, Sprint and Urban Racks for their support.